Beach 2019

We opened the bathing season. We are organizing several trips for those who are already part of our Project.

car wash

Antonio loves to wash cars. It’s a socially useful job that you did a few years ago … and in the future ??

Lavagem de Carros

O António adora lavar carros. É um trabalho socialmente útil que já fez há alguns anos… e no futuro??

To the mandolins

It is an initiative of Professor Júlio Santos that involves users of various institutions. Every year, this group participates in various cultural events.

… a secret

If you do not want to “institutionalize” you have to look for a safe “Space”.

One of the problems that the Project encountered was with “Obesity”. The community pities our boys and offers them every day with cakes, cookies and crackers.

Thus, at the beginning of this school year an awareness campaign was carried out among the owners of bakeries and pastry shops in Santo Ovidio.

A pamphlet was created and we were “talking” with the community.

Outside Art

This work was carried out with the reuse of the old doors and tiles of the houses of the same enclosure, now completely restored.

Some of the “details” were found by the “artist” in various places of his daily life including the Vandoma Fair in Porto.



It was actually a different session. The stage was full of familiar characters who made us cry with laughter. In the end … a photophonic bonus.

“Good Morning”

A holidays also gave Antonio the opportunity to collaborate at check-in.

From Antonio we have often heard a cheerful “Good Morning”


Until the last minute a lot was done. It was not even possible to assemble the dishwashers. But the guests were served as if they were a royal entourage.


In this case, LOFT served for artistic photography experiments.